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Do you love orchids? Are you tired of them dying after one week? If yes, fall for our artificial orchids that are inspired by nature and look incredibly lifelike. One of the most exotic, well-recognized flowers in the world is the orchid. Known for its vivid colors and long stems, the orchid is a favorite among floral enthusiasts. Our orchids are popular among top interior decorators, stylists, and home décor enthusiasts for various projects. With Nearly Natural’s orchids, you’ll always have a fresh arrangement that’ll freshen your space for an affordable price. Orchids can be pricey, but with artificial orchids, you can save time and money.

You should buy artificial orchids for many different projects. For example, artificial white orchids look great in almost any backdrop and style décor. While artificial blue orchids and artificial purple orchids bring a splash of color to any space in need of some life. Artificial orchids in vase can blend well in modern, contemporary, or traditional interior decors. Nearly Natural’s designers have experience in the live plant industry to ensure every artificial orchid looks as fresh as a new bouquet.

Giá cũ: $150.000
Giá bán: $120.000
Giá cũ: $950.000
Giá bán: $850.000
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Giá cũ: $6.300.000
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